Sulphur Springs, Texas (HCN) Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers investigate, after medical staff report a discrepancy in the count of inmates medications.

The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office along with the Texas Rangers began investigating after medical staff at the Hopkins County Jail realized there was a discrepancy in the inmates medication count.

The Hopkins County Criminal Investigation Team quickly got to work gathering information from the jail. After reviewing the information obtained, the Sheriff’s Office was able to get a warrant on Correction Officer Toshia Edmonson, a 40 year old female out of Sulphur Springs.

A warrant was severed on October 11 at Edmonson’s residence. She was taken into custody and charged with:

  • Tampering With Evidence
  • Diversion Of Controlled Substance By Registrants, Dispensers, And Certain Other Persons
  • Theft By Public Servant
  • Possession Of CS PG3 >28 Grams

Edmonson is currently being held on a collective bond of $60,000.

Sheriff Tatum released a statement to KSST Radio stating:

“I believe that we are held to a higher standard and I am thankful for our medical staff, who quickly notified us of the discrepancy. My office will always be transparent and we will not tolerate violations of law and policy by our staff,”